We know selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suitable for your enterprise can be difficult thing to do. That is why we have developed Aju ERP that can easily be customized according to your need. Our ERP has all the modules you need to centralized your business data and create a smooth working process. AJU ERP easily helps you to cover managing supply chain to inventory, process of Production to distribution, data insight of accounts to payroll. it has the all ERP core features that you need. some of its modules given below:


Product costing with appropriation, Product-wise/Batch-wise Cost Analysis, Batch report, Item-wise Mfg. Voucher Reports (Details/Summary), FG wise Consumption, Manufacturing Planning, Production Schedule, Batch Report (Expire Date), Date-wise Manufacturing Report, Work-in-Progress, Manufacturing Process List.


Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Group Summary, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement as per IAS, Trading Account, Profit & Loss Account/Income & Expenditure Account, Balance Sheet, Receipt & Payment Account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Budget & Variance, Cost Center/Profit Center, Interest Report

Inventory Management

Location-wise Purchase, Location-wise Sales, Location-wise Stock Report, Location-wise Stock Valuation, Location-wise Slow Moving & Fast Moving Item Register, Location-wise & Item-wise Profitability, Location-wise Store Ledger, Location-wise Stock Transfer Register


Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Payment Voucher, Purchase Receive, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return

Supply Chain Management

oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.


Quotation, Sales Order, Receipts Voucher, Delivery Order, Sales Challan, Sales Invoice, Sales Return

Human Resources Management

Entry for Attendance, Allowance/Deduction Transaction, Leave Application, Payroll Generation; Pay Slip, Attendance Report, Leave Report, Employee List, Salary Details